This Program Will Help You

Understand your soul’s true purpose

Materialize your desires

Remove emotional blockages that limit your potential

Create effortless abundance in your life

Connect daily to feelings of love, grace, joy, harmony

Unlock skills and wisdom from your past lives

What You’ll Get


Instruction videos explaining 
Chakras 8 – 12


Accompanying audio meditations to help align your vibration


A PDF worksheet to
journal your progress


Bonus energy healing videos 
for each chakra

Connect with your higher self and head towards ascension!

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In This Program

8th Chakra

Meet your Akashic Record Keeper, rewrite contracts, tap into your Astral Body, and hone your creative and personal power.

9th Chakra

Clear your past Karma, which affects your present life, and become attuned to the power of Unlimited Love, Joy and Abundance.

10th Chakra

Heal your dual nature by merging your Masculine and Feminine energies, and contemplate on Cellular Energies and Healing the Planet.

11th Chakra

Add powerfully to your Spiritual Library, learn to Absorb and Transform Energy, as well as summon and influence Earth Energy.

12th Chakra

With all that you’ve learned and embodied, connect to Source, ascend to your Light Body and align with Source’s Unconditional Love.


As a gift to you, in each of these five modules, we have included a video that teaches you hands-on energy healing for each chakra.

Meet Your Instructors

Sara Maitri and Laura Schofield have a combined 25 plus years of seeking and living the spiritual path as Clairvoyants, Energy Healers and Educators.

We love what we do, and it’s important for us to share our knowledge. We believe that as we awaken our Higher Chakras 8-12 we increase our vibration to heal ourselves, our planet and discover our true potential.

Join us and blossom into your best self!

Join us in moving from the 3rd dimension toward living in the 5th dimension!

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What Our
Clients Say

This program is great! I found that there was so much to learn and understand about the higher Chakra system. I especially like that I can revisit the information anytime I like. It’s also helpful to be able to interact with Sara and Laura and others through the Facebook community. - Kim C.

What Our
Clients Say

Laura and Sara are well-skilled and educated, practitioners and teachers. Both possess a pursuit for truth and healing in their own lives as well as in the gentle and honest care of their students and clients. I’ve always left a session or class feeling stronger in my personal spiritual awareness, more strongly connected and loving to myself and certainly more light-hearted! - Bashiran T.

What Our
Clients Say

Laura can quickly get to the heart of things with gentle humor and great heart. She is skilled in reading her students and teaching to their needs in a way that allows everyone to get exactly what they need.  Her communication style is clear, direct and delivered with a light hearted easy style. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to communicate directly with Spirit to receive guidance. - Colette A.

What Our
Clients Say

Laura and Sara have such beautiful spiritual insights mixed with the amazing ability to relay their experiences, knowledge and intuitive abilities through their classes, workshops and retreats.  Both are such beautiful beings with so much love and energy to share.  I would recommend taking any of their classes. It is always a fun, safe space to heal, share and explore.  - Tina C.

What Our
Clients Say

Sara has a way of supporting and holding each of her clients and students with gentle yet loving firmness that allow them to go the hurt places they are avoiding and release what has come up to be healed. She has the ability to take the best information from ancient wisdom teachings and bring them to the present day. - Cindy B.

What Our
Clients Say

I’ve known Laura for over 25 years and know the depth of her insightfulness. She is level headed, non-judgmental,  and compassionate. Her years of dedication to deepening her knowledge, teaching, and providing care to others is unmatched.  - Ann J.